Friday, 8 November 2019

Tech @ Tamaki College

This week for tech we have been coding our M-bots to move into a letter D. Mr. Krishna has helped us and given us feedback on what to change with our coding. He has helped me to change the speeds of my wheels. I was the first person to complete the challenge of making the M-Bot move into a Letter D. Mr. Krishna recorded the M-Bots going in a D and has told us to put it in our Robotics Folder. I have really enjoyed tech this week and I can't wait to see what we do next week.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Math Game Video

This week I have created a video that explains my game. In this video I include the fact that my maths game was bilingual, meaning the game was in 2 different languages. I explained the options of when you get the answer wrong and that I included a rating at the very end of my game.

Link to Math game - My Math Game

Financial Literacy

This week for maths we have been introduced to a new game, this game is about understanding money. In this game there is a girl who decides to sell items at a small stall. At her stall she sells Hacky Sacks, Juggling balls and Bungy Balls. Her rent of her stall is $70, The making of Hacky sacks are $10, the making of juggling balls is $20 and the making of bungy balls are $15. In this game you have 2 dice, one that has 2 letters of J's, B's and H's. The second dice is a normal one with the dots. To play you role the normal dice, whatever number it lands on you move your counter to the amount of steps. If you land on a Market option you could get something like "Sell 2 bungy balls for half price." but there is also another option called "Sale" If you land on tha you get to sell 1 item. Then you get to roll the dice that has the 2 J's, 2 H's and 2 B's. Whatever letter it lands on you sell that item. I worked with Haylee and Nyjah, we all has 10 times at rolling the dice and selling our products, if we ran out of products we could buy more, but it would be taking money off our balance. At the very end of the game, we figured out how much money we made and how much we lost caused to the rent of the stall and the cost of buying more products.

Kiwi Sport | Tennis

LS2's new Kiwi sport for this term is Tennis. We have a teacher that knows a lot about tennis and his name is Peter. Peter has taught us a new skill called "Volley". Volley is an having an iron grasp on the tennis racket and having a smooth motion swing of the wrist. We also had time to do something different. What we did different was the serving, the ball is served from approximately the middle of the tennis court or near the baseline. I was not the best at Volley but my partner Victoria was. I really enjoyed tennis this week and I wonder what will happen next week.